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This diagram is a schematic representation of the most important principles that we must observe as members of the Rinnai Group when pursuing our diverse business activities. By sharing this philosophy among all members of the Group, regardless of occupation or position, we seek to highlight the value we place on our aspired corporate direction and the behavior of individual employees.

Corporate Philosophy

The company motto of "harmony, spirit, and truth" and the "Rinnai Corporate Mission" - the fundamental principle behind the company - stand at the apex of the corporate philosophy pyramid. Below, at the core, is the Rinnai Charter based on seven pledges. The foundations underpinning the pyramid are ethical provisions and the Rinnai Code of Conduct, which sets out rules for all executives and employees to observe in the course of their daily work activities.

Corporate Mission
"Rinnai offers its customers thermal solutions that promote positive lifestyle changes by providing comfort, quality and safe appliances".

Essential heat-energy appliances for your lifestyle
Heat-energy appliances are essential and basic goods for us to lead "comfortable", "safe", and "efficient" lives with the use of heating.
Rinnai has "offered comfortable lifestyles with the use of heating to society" through its business activities as the corporate mission since its foundation.
Our know-how has been built up through cultivation of technologies of "heat generation" and of "heat transformation to practical use".
Rinnai utilizes the technologies and know-how amassed over years and makes contributions to society with its heat-energy appliances that support people's lifestyles.

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