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Since Rinnai's establishment in 1920 as a manufacturer of gas and oil appliances, Rinnai Corporation has steadily expanded its business lines. Today, as Japan's largest manufacturer of gas kitchen appliances, gas hot water heater, air-conditioning and heating units, the Corporation is widely regarded as the industry leader.

With its headquarters in Nagoya, Rinnai's domestic network comprises 5 branches, 91 sales offices and 4 production facilities including 10 around the world.

The Corporation maintains a broad international presence through 29 subsidiaries and affiliates around the globe. Rinnai's corporate endeavours are guided by two customer-driven principles: a commitment to safety and the achievement of a comfortable lifestyle.

The Corporation's global perspective allows maximisation of its technological advantages, and capitalisation of its sales ingenuity and financial acumen. The result is a product range that promises to enhance home and office environments throughout the 21st century. Rinnai products are known throughout the world for their superior quality, safety, technology and sophisticated control systems. All factories are ISO 9001 and/or ISO 14001 certified.

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