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Hot Water System Solutions

  • Rinnai gas water heating system offers a wide variety of hot water system solutions to satisfy every customer's needs.
  • We are committed to serve our customer with high quality product, professional technical service and proficient installation works.
  • We currently have two kinds of products, Rinnai Solar System and Rinnai Infinty Gas Water Heater System.
  • Both will definitely reduce your heating bills, and which one chosen is based on your specific requirements.
Rinnai Solar System
Rinnai Solar system offers you the most friendly solar system on the market today. Using solar energy to heat your water can reduce your heating bills and even reduce further on Greenhouse Gas emissions. Rinnai provides multiple choice of solar
system solution to customize your requirements. Rinnai's gas boosted system which is powered by Rinnai's superior continuous flow hot water system, the Rinnai Infinity.

Boosted by the best, be sure to never run out of hot water. Introducing our latest Solar System product:

  • SSG Split System with Gas Booster
  • SSE Split System with Electric Booster
  • SCG Close Coupled System with Gas Booster
  • SCE Close Coupled System with Electric Booster
Rinnai Infinity

  • A fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water system that never runs out of hot water.
  • Sophisticated design that has the environment in mind with our low emission burners and high efficiencies.
  • The best hot water system solution for all - domestic households to heavy duty commercial buildings.

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