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Product Name:
Gas Clothes Dryer
  • Delicate & extra soft programs
  • Easy operation
  • Exhaust Duct
  • Reversible front door
  • Speedy drying
  • 20% Energy Saving

Delicate & Extra Soft Programs
A built-in microchip sensor constantly monitors humidity at half-second intervals to prevent over-drying. Water vapour produced during gas combustion keeps your clothes soft and fluffy.

Easy Operation
A computerized user-friendly control panel offers the ease of one-touch operations. There are programs for different fabrics and, with the built-in sensor, there's no need to set a timer for best drying results.

Exhaust Duct
No moist air, lint or dust is discharged into the room, thereby avoiding mould and a possible safety risk. The exhaust duct also means that the unit is considerably quieter than conventional electric dryers.

Reversible Front Door
The front door can be mounted on the left or right side to suit your location needs.

Speedy And Economical
Gas heats up the air intake much quicker than electricity, and needs only half the time required by electric dryers to dry the same load, giving you long term energy savings of about 20%.

Bench or Wall Mounting Rack (optional accessories)
Rinnai's gas clothes dryers are suitable for bench or wall mounting. Rinnai Malaysia do provide the standing rack and wall bracket. (sold separately)


  • Max drying content: 6kg
  • Gas consumption: 4.65-1.86kw (3,950-1,580 kcal/h)
  • Weight (Body only): 32.4kg
  • Electricity: 220V/50Hz
  • Power consumption: 220V/250W
  • Standard drying time: 60 min (approximately)
  • Power cord length: 1.5 meters

Product Dimension: W 650mm D 530mm H 661mm

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