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Product Name:
30cm 2-zone Induction Hob
  • Touch Control
  • Schott Ceran Glass
  • 2 Cooking Zones
  • Auto Pan Recognition Sensor
  • Booster Function
  • 9 Power Levels per zone
  • Timer
  • Automatic Safety Switch Off
  • Child Lock

Induction Hobs vs Gas Hobs
Induction cooking works by creating a magnetic field that generates heat directly through the base of the cookware. Induction hobs are safe, as the heat is directly transferred to the food being cooked. Even if the controls are turned on unintentionally, the hob heats up only when it detects suitable cookware placed on the cooking zone. Induction hobs boil and cook faster than gas hobs, because of the heat concentration and high heat efficiency, with almost no heat loss.

Touch Sensor Control
Touch controls are extremely easy to use and offer great precision when regulating the heat.

Schott Ceran® Glass
When it comes to heat, Schott Ceran® glass meets the highest standard in withstanding temperature shocks of up to 700 degrees Celsius, and brings a piece of hi-tech into the kitchen. Made from natural raw materials with no toxic additives, it is incredibly good for the environment. The smooth ceramic glass surface offers practical use as well as easy maintenance.

Auto Pan Recognition Sensor
Induction hobs are particularly energy saving as the cooking zone recognizes the size of the cookware, and heats up the base of the cookware and not the whole cooking zone. It also detects suitable cookware with the right base dimensions.

Booster Function
Save on time and turbocharge your cooking process with increased power to a selected zone.

9 Power Levels
The electronic display shows your desired power setting for different cooking requirements.

Cooking Timer
Set a time of up to 99mins to count down while you cook and when the timer hits zero the heating zone will be automatically switched off.

Automatic Safety Switch Off
The hob smartly detects any inactivity within 1 minute after switching on, and automatically switches itself off.

Child Lock
The control panel can be locked after programming, preventing a curious child from switching on the cooker, and ensuring the hob does not accidentally get heated up during cleaning.

Easy to Clean
With no parts to remove, electric hobs are easy to clean. As the cooking zones only heat up the base of the cookware and not the surrounding areas, any spillage during cooking does not get burned onto the surface and is easily cleaned off.

Power Ratings:
F : 1.8kW / 2.1kW (Ø210mm)
B : 1.2kW / 1.5kW (Ø160mm)
Total Connected Load: 3400W / Max Amp: 15A

Product Dimension: W 310mm D 520mm H 58mm
Cut-out Dimension: W 270mm D 490mm


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