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Product Name:
90cm Chimney Hood
  • Special Oil Capturing Design
  • Turbo motor
  • Ventilation / Recycle
  • Electronic button control
  • 3 speed setting
  • LED light
  • Delay timer
  • Auto-off function
  • Suction Power: 1200m3/hr

Strong Suction

The powerful air extraction helps keep the grease, smoke and moisture out of the kitchen, leaving a clean kitchen environment.

Special Oil Capturing System

  1. Main Tube
    The oil will flow to the oil plate located under the motor and to the side of the plastic chute.
  2. Drainage System
    The oil will then be channeled via the drainage system.
  3. Oil Cup
    Finally, a tube leads the oil into the oil cup.

Proprietary Oil Capturing System
Helps to capture more oil than other chimney hoods, with no dripping, making it easy to clean.

LED Control Button
Easy to operate, with a delay timer.

LED Light
Bright and energy saving.

Washable Micromesh Filter
Easy to take apart and clean.

Delay Timer
The cooker hood will switch off automatically at a preset time, so you can proceed with your meal after cooking is done. Meanwhile, the cooker hood will continue to extract the oily fumes, leaving a clean kitchen without smoke of pungent smells.

Product Dimension: W 896mm D 500mm H 533-973mm

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