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Product Name:
90cm Slanted Hood
  • Nano light
  • 3 speed setting
  • LED light
  • Delay timer
  • LED touch sensor slider control
  • Safety lock button for cleaning
  • Baffle filter
  • Suction Power: 1150m3/hr

Nano Light

The special Nano Light rays destroy bacteria and other harmful agents with molecular scale precision. It is a safe and convenient way to keep your kitchen hygienically clean.

Baffle Filter
Grease and moisture will be captured by the specially designed, sloped Baffle Filter. It will subsequently filter and trap them in a specially-built grease collector, located at the rear of the hood.

Extra Large Oil Collector
With a huge capacity to collect more oil, this stainless steel oil collector is a definite advantage in a cooker hood. It even has a window for easy monitoring of the oil level.

LED Light
Bright and energy saving. The lights provide illumination for the cooking zone.

Touch Sensor Slider Control
Just slide the speed control lever to adjust the suction power and specific settings for different cooking methods.

Auto Slider Glass
When the unit is switched on, the glass will automatically slide up to draw in the cooking fumes and maximize the hood's extraction.

Powerful Motor
This powerful mechanism will extract cooking fumes and vapours by expelling them via a duct leading to the outdoors.

Product Dimension: W 900mm D 455mm H 945-1330mm


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