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Product Name:
3-Lotus Burner Stainless Steel Gas Hob
  • High heat efficiency
  • Sealed burner
  • Stainless Steel top
  • Simmer control
  • Cast Iron pan support
  • Battery ignition
  • Safety device
  • Japan Good Design Award

Lotus Flame with Simmer
The upper flame is ideal for stir-frying or deep-frying. The lower flame is ideal for boiling soup, braising and stewing.

Save Gas and Cooking Time
Armed with 50% heat efficiency, the Lotus Burner, with its breakthrough double deck design, cooks faster and uses less gas than conventional gas hob with 40% heat efficiency.

Safety Device
Cuts off the gas supply in the event of flame being extinguished.

Operations Knobs
Ergonomic and elegantly designed knobs for single-handed ignition.

Aluminium Louvre
Oxygen can be drawn in rapidly for more efficient gas burning.

Easy To Clean
The double deck burner eliminates the need for a drip pan, burner head or burner ring, so there are fewer parts to wash.

Perfectly Sealed Burner
The original shield design prevents any overflowing liquid from spilling into the inner compartment of the gas hob.

Wide Distance for Extra Cooking Space
Thoughtfully designed with ample space between burners, allowing comfortable use of a wok and two pots simultaneously.

Gas Input
LPG: L: 4.2kW     FR: 2.9kW        BR: 1.4kW

Product Dimension: W 770mm D 510mm H 74mm
Cut Out Dimension: W 725mm D 465mm

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