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Product Name:
Ore Electric Water Heater (Handshower/Piano Black)
  • 1st in LED illumination
  • Stepless temperatures control
  • Super hi gloss front cover
  • 1-Knob control (with RCD and heater indication)
  • 5 multi spray handshower
  • Electronic temperature control
  • High quality stop valve
  • Anti leak heater tank

Residual Current Device (RCD)
Cuts off electricity supply in event of current leakage

Dual Over Temperature Safety Cut-Off
Auto reset if water temperature exceeds set limit. Avoids overheating and scalding. Primary cut off on 55°C and secondary cut off on 85°C

Auto Flow Sensor Switch
Shuts off heater if water flow is too low in order to avoid dry burn

Lightning & Surge Protection
Built-in surge protector from lighting strikes and current leakage

IP25 Splash-Proof Protection
ABS plastic waterproof casing IP25 safety standard compliant to prevent water and dust

Specifications REI-A360DP-WB
Pump DC Silent Pump AC Booster Pump Without Pump
Pump Noise Level  50-60dB  75-85dB  N/A
Thermostat  Double Action  Double Action  Double Action
Power Rating  3.6kW  3.6kW  3.6kW
Voltage  240V  240V  240V
Water Temperature Control Electronic  Electronic  Electronic
Min Flow Rate  2L/min  2L/min  2L/min
Min Pressure  20 kPa or 2.9 psi  20 kPa or 2.9 psi  20 kPa or 2.9 psi
Max Pressure  380 kPa or 55 psi  380 kPa or 55 psi  380 kPa or 55 psi
Cold Water Connection  15mm Diameter (1/2' BSP)  15mm Diameter (1/2' BSP)  15mm Diameter (1/2' BSP)
Electronic Pump Speed Control  Yes  Yes  No
Product Dimensions  W 220mm D 390mm H 87mm  W 220mm D 390mm H 87mm  W 220mm D 390mm H 87mm
Gift Box Dimensions  W 235mm D 659mm H 100mm  W 235mm D 659mm H 100mm  W 235mm D 659mm H 100mm
Gross Weight  3.8kg  4.3kg  3.3kg
Net Weight  2.3kg  2.8kg  1.8kg

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